Transport America: TA Points Rewards Program

Transport America recently launched a new reward system for its drivers. The program, called “TA Points Rewards,” gives you the opportunity to earn points a number of ways; those points can then be redeemed for valuable products from an online catalog. The points are cumulative, and never expire as long as you continue to work for Transport America, which means you can save up for the most desirable rewards.

Points are awarded in several categories, including safety, training, performance, company service, and special recognition. You are eligible to begin earning rewards points the first full month you’re employed for the monthly rewards, and the first full quarter you’re employed for the quarterly rewards, although the points begin to pile up right away, since every new driver earns 6,250 points just for completing driver orientation.

The quickest and easiest way to earn points is through the Safe Driver category. Safe Driver points are awarded quarterly, and all you have to do to earn them is work a minimum of 60 days during the quarter, have no preventable accidents, work without an OSHA or Workers’ Compensation accident, complete all required training during the quarter, and have no CSA (BASIC) points deductions resulting from roadside inspections. New drivers begin at 3,000 points for the quarter, and every quarter you drive safely increases your award. For example, a driver with 5 years of Safe Driver experience will earn 6,000 points. If you do have an accident or miss a required training session during the quarter, you’ll drop back and start over again at the 3,000-point threshold, but you don’t lose any of the points you’ve earned to date in the other categories. They’re yours to keep and use.

You can earn points for particular training programs the company deems worthy of special consideration, like the current Winter Driving training program. For example, When you complete thi training s, you will be given a rewards card with 2,500 points preloaded that you can redeem on the catalog website.

Individual performance excellence will also help you accumulate points. You can earn points if you receive the Weekend Warrior award (6,250 points), or if you are awarded Driver of the Month (12,500 points) or Driver of the Year (25,000 points) status. Managers also have Special Recognition Cards they can give out at their discretion for performance beyond the call of duty (2,500 points per card). In addition, you earn points every time you receive a clean roadside inspection report (5,000 points), when you complete the training of your first driver after becoming a Driver Instructor (12,500 points), and when you reach a Milestone Anniversary (18,750 points for 5 years of service, 33,500 points at your 10-year anniversary, 56,250 points at anniversary number 15, and so on).

To redeem your points, check your points balance, or browse the online catalog, you must log into the Transport America website, and click on the “For Our Employees” tab. A drop-down menu will appear. Click “TA Rewards” and you will be taken to the Transport America Points Rewards Home Page where you will log in.


From there, you will be able to do everything necessary to see and order items from the catalog. There are over 12,000 items to choose from, and shipping is free on anything you order. You may not see all of the reward points you’ve earned show up right away, so don’t panic. Points are accumulated and submitted to the catalog service provider monthly, so points earned in one month may not show up until the middle of the next month in your “points account.” Keep checking back, and if you don’t see your points appear after a reasonable period of time, contact Transport America Human Resources.

The TA Points Reward program is replacing the former Annual Safe Driver Award program. Since the new program began in July, drivers eligible under the old system will receive prorated payments based on their proximity to the July start date.

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