Truck Driving Jobs with Training – The TA Refresher Course

truck-driving-jobsDrivers who start truck driving jobs will sometimes leave to pursue other opportunities. If they’re out of the business for any length of time, it can be difficult to find a company that will hire them back when they want to return to their truck driving jobs, even if they have a valid CDL.

In most cases, the trucker’s only option is to go back to a driving school, and bear the time and expense of retraining. However, Transport America has come up with a unique and effective way to get these drivers back in the truck and up to speed without risk to the company or expense to the driver. It’s a program called Pro Plus, and it’s essentially a refresher training program for drivers that have had some experience being over-the-road drivers, but for whatever reason have been out of the cab and away from their truck driving jobs for a couple of years.

This innovative program is a great way to let truckers re-enter the workplace without having to go back to school. Essentially, former truckers can come to Transport America, where they will be given a preliminary road evaluation to rate their current skill levels. Based on the road test drivers are then paired with a driver instructor, who will work one-on-one for the next 5 to 21 days with them, bringing them back up to a level of excellence. This is not a team-driving program; it’s an 11-hour day of Instructional driving with a certified  instructor. Pro Plus Drivers are even paid a stipend while retraining. Once the instructor is satisfied the driver is properly trained, they are offered an OTR solo position with starting salaries that take into account their previous road experience in truck driving jobs.

The Pro Plus program is also designed for drivers who have less than 6 months of driving experience but have left their first truck driving job for whatever reason. These new drivers with less than 6 months experience often find it impossible to hire on with a new company, Transport America takes those drivers, and in the same program, trains them up to company standards, and then provides them OTR truck driving jobs once they’re ready.

The Pro Plus program isn’t just a way for truckers to re-enter the industry; it’s a way for truckers to re-enter the industry with a leader. Transport America is committed to its drivers and ensuring that they operate not only in compliance with all safety regulations, but that they also have the best experience possible in the industry. The company’s open-door policy, outstanding CSA scores, and support centers located throughout the country are designed to make sure the drivers get the respect and support they need every day in their truck driving jobs.

We continue to innovate with programs like Pro Plus. Being out of the cab for a period of time doesn’t mean the end of a truck driving career as  Transport America will invest the time and effort in these drivers to put them back in the seat and on the road to trucking once again!

To learn more about Transport America or apply to become a driver, visit the website at and connect with us on Facebook and Twitter.

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21 Responses to Truck Driving Jobs with Training – The TA Refresher Course

  1. Larry larosa says:

    Hello I’ve been driving for over 25 yrs , I got out of truck for a change of pace my CDL is valid , it’s been almost 2 yrs and I’m a trucker I really would like to get back to what I love can you help thanks larry larosa

  2. randy bright says:

    Need a refresher course and job have cdl a good record.

  3. mike day says:

    i drove a truck for almost 2 years. Its been 5-6 years ago and about 2 years ago i turned in my cdl for regular license. I want to get back into trucking what must i do now to get my cdl back?

    • Hi Mike – it’s great to hear you’re interested in getting back into trucking! One of our recruiters will be happy to help you out with your CDL question. You can call them at 877.223.1759. Thanks for your interest in TA!

  4. ted schram says:

    can u help a driver that has been off the road for over 4 yrs. i have kept my CDL current and i have been on disability this whole time and the doctors i have say i am fit to go back over the road. i have 15 yrs experience before i came off the road

  5. Kim Zoeller says:

    I’ve been away from truck driving for a few years and my skills are rusty esp shifting and backing. Do you think your company can help me?

  6. Almonta Brown says:

    I have been out the industry for about 2 years. I have no felonies, also a good driving record and work history.Looking to get back in the driver seat asap but looking for a company with a refresher course program.

    • Hi Almonta! Thanks for your interest in TA – we’re glad you’re thinking about getting back into trucking! Our recruiters will be happy to answer your questions about a refresher course. Just call them at 877.223.1759.

  7. Germ says:

    Hi,I have been away from the truck for 11 years,and now I need go back to the road because my primary job for the last 11 years is really slow,can I qualify for sponsored refresher school?,and another question,why is so difficult for experience drivers to take sponsored refresher course more than new driver?,thank you

    • Hi there – thank you so much for your interest in TA! It’s great to hear you have some trucking experience, and our recruiters would be happy to talk to you about getting back on the road. Just give them a call at 877.223.1759!

  8. Carl Monhollen says:

    Want to get back into driving took a job at a auto parts store now I miss the open road

    • Hi Carl – thank you so much for your interest in TA! It’s great to hear you have some trucking experience, and our recruiters would be happy to talk to you about getting back on the road. Just give them a call at 877.223.1759!

  9. Lester Simmons says:

    I recently applied for Transport Americans dedicated run, because a friend of mine who also drives for the company say he loves it. However I was told that I would have to take a 40 hr. refresher to be eligible. How do I get into the driver pro program so that I can get back at it? I currently hold a class A cdl, no violation on my record, no dui’s and have been driving for my current employer for 9 years mixers and pneumatic tankers more mixer though.

    • Hi Lester! It’s great to hear your friend had such a wonderful experience at TA, and it’s great to hear you’re interested too! Our recruiters will happy to answer your questions about a refresher course. Just give them a call at 877.223.1759. Thanks for reaching out!

    • Carl Monhollen says:

      Very interested in this program would like to go back to driving but a little nervous about starting all over again

  10. shawanda says:

    He’ll my name is shawanda I have my permit and I am looking for some training

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